Commercial property valuations - blueprints

Pam Golding Properties is a firm registered with the Valuation Surveyors’ Registration Board (VSRB) and the Surveyors’ Institute of Zambia (SIZ). We conduct professional valuations for purchase, sale, rental, insurance, taxation, accounting and collateral purposes. We are specialised in valuing all kinds of property including retail shops, offices, warehouses, Industrial properties and Plant & Machinery Valuations.

Property Asset Valuation

The range of purposes covered by our valuations are as follows:

  • Bank Collateral
    Our role in these circumstances is to consider all relevant market factors peculiar to the proposed real estate security and advise our client on the appropriate market value of the property, we advise on market values appropriate to forced sale circumstances, which may not allow adequate time to market a given property.
  • Accounting

    Valuations of real estate may be required for a variety of accounting reasons such as Company Asset Valuations for Balance Sheet, Privatisation, Taxation, Liquidation, Receivership, Mergers, Take-over or Bankruptcy.

  • Purchase or Sale

    We give advice of property values for possible sale or purchase within prevailing or likely market conditions, and advise on the most appropriate mode of disposal or acquisition.

  • Rental

    We advise on the rents appropriate to properties in question, rents to be fixed upon review of tenancy and negotiate appropriateness of rents fixed in new or renewed tenancies or tenancies about to be reviewed.

  • Insurance

    We advise on the insurance value or adequacy of cover and suggest ways of averting risky incidences.

Our recommendations of value are done after thorough analysis of the current market in order to recommend an appropriate value that reflects the conditions in the prevailing market for the stated purpose. To achieve the desired best recommendations we, where appropriate set out our valuations in accordance with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (UK) “Appraisal and Valuation Manual” as recognised by the Surveyors Institute Of Zambia(SIZ) .